Headteacher’s Blog – Week 16

New beginnings!

Happy new year. I hope you all had a lovely festive break with your friends and family.

I had a wonderful two weeks with lots of firsts for me. For the first time in a while, I didn’t have to cook Christmas dinner; my sister took that responsibility and did a great job catering for our family of 23! Here we are between the melon and turkey!

I also did the Santa Park run at Bramhall Park for the first time and went to the Pantomime at Stockport Plaza with my nephews, which was hilarious. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and had a very relaxing break.

But I am ready to be back at work. I am missing the routine of each day and the pleasure in seeing education in action on a daily basis.

I am starting each day of 2019 by delivering assemblies to each year group. This year I have decided on another first - to talk to our students about the joy of teaching. Sadly, not enough young people are choosing a career in education and as such many schools are facing a recruitment crisis (to add to the financial crisis we are in)!

At Kingsway, we are very fortunate to have specialist teachers across our curriculum at Kingsway and welcome two new staff this week:

  • Mrs Bull - Teacher of Business and ICT
  • Mr Kier - Teacher of Technology

We also welcome back Mrs Lucas, who was Miss Parker-Marshall and got married before Christmas. Congratulations!

All of our teachers are passionate about two things: their subject and young people. What can be better than shaping young lives by doing what you love? As a mathematician, I know the great feeling when my students suddenly get that light-bulb moment when fractions make sense!

Whatever careers our students choose, we want them to enjoy every day of their working life. So this week I will be talking to our students about the importance of valuing every lesson, so that it counts towards what future career choice they want to make. Teacher, computer programmer, midwife or chef, a good education is the springboard to their future.

And it is a really GOOD education that they get here at Kingsway. In April 2013, Ofsted judged our school as GOOD and as we embark in to 2019, it is likely that we will have a further inspection this academic year. Again, we expect the judgement to be GOOD because as a fully inclusive comprehensive school, we provide a great education where students achieve results above the national average. But moreover, they leave us as well-rounded individuals as a result of the care, support, guidance and opportunities we provide.

There will of course be an opportunity for parents to contribute to the next Ofsted inspection and share with inspectors their views on the school. We take every opportunity to gather parents’ views on the school, including the recent review day where 500 parents responded to our questionnaire, where 99% of parents who commented felt that their child is well looked after at our school and 97% felt that their child is taught well.

Whilst happy with this feedback, we do also recognise the need to work more closely with parents in relation to the information they receive regarding their child’s progress in school as well as how the school deals with bullying. This will be something we will focus on this term.

The next Ofsted inspection will be my first as Headteacher at Kingsway - and yes, it does make me feel a little anxious. Not because I think it will go badly, but because my heart is in this school and I want the best outcome for all the children and staff who learn and work here. And whilst a good report is important for our school and community, it does not necessarily define what wonder takes place here every day.

Great kids, great teachers and a great educational experience!

Have a great week everyone,

Mrs J. Lowe

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