Headteacher’s Blog – Week 9

Don’t miss an opportunity to shine

Our school ethos is underpinned by three key words: Opportunity, Achievement and Respect. I was delighted to hear of the opportunities that have been embraced by some of our amazing students last week. Here’s their account in their own words:

Over half term, Kirsten Attfield and Daisy Freeman (Year 10) went to London to take part in the STEMETTES programme.

We left on the train from Stockport to London at 4:23pm and arrived at London Euston by 6:30pm, as it was a very fast train. When we arrived, we went down on multiple escalators to reach the underground line to Old Street. It was extremely crowded on the tube,as it was still rush hour but we managed to get on and off again at the right stops. It was quite dark when we got back on to ground level again, though our hotel was very close and so we quickly arrived there and found our room and had our evening meal.

In the morning we had a lovely breakfast, and then left to go to the event. We got slightly lost, even though it was very near, but we still managed to get there on time. The event was really great, and we started off by playing some games to meet everyone. Then we had a series of talks on how to give a good presentation, what a good and influential team leader is like and we also heard from some ladies who gave us their inspiring stories about being a woman in STEM. My favourite part of the day was when we got to learn about presenting as I found it extremely helpful because that is what I most struggle with. It was really interesting, and we also got the chance to learn about all the Stemettes websites. There were only 10 people there, and we had a great time and learnt a lot.

During our stay in London, we also got some time to do some sightseeing: we got to visit the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and even Platform 9 3/4! Overall, I would really recommend this trip as I learnt a great deal from it and had a brilliant time.

The night before, I travelled down via train and arrived in London for just past 7pm. We checked into out hotel, went out for dinner and went out exploring in our area of London. Once we got back to the hotel after our day of travelling, I went to sleep.

At the conference, our first speaker of the day talked to us about how to present with confidence. This was beneficial as it provided tips on before, whilst and after presenting and how to deal with the nerves related to presenting. Furthermore, it taught me how to boost my confidence when talking to a large group of people. I enjoyed this talk because my confidence and presenting was one of my weakest areas and it helped me to find ways of overcoming this.

The second and third speaker enlightened us about their experiences within STEM and their journey to where they were now. This was influential and uplifting to see a strong powerful female role model in a STEM based career. Also, it showed me the different aspects and opportunities that STEM can provide and that STEM is not limited to men even though it is presented as a male dominated industry.

The fourth speaker also shared her story and how to overcome the misogynistic ideologies that men have in a workplace. I found this helpful as women are not pushed as much as men are to advance into a STEM career, especially engineering based jobs. Additionally, the fifth speaker educated us about strong, influential leaders in STEM and how they influenced the world of STEM.

Finally, we had a talk from the STEMettes leader, Lucy. She talked us through the websites and how to easily run a STEM club at our own school. Overall, I found this whole leadership conference extremely beneficial on building my confidence,leadership and presenting skills. I also met many other young STEMettes at the conference, who also helped me build more social skills.

I would like to say thank you to the STEMettes for sending me on this incredible trip that I will remember forever and to my teachers at the Kingsway school for providing me with this opportunity to further my knowledge of STEM and encouraging girls everyday to partake in STEM activities in our school.

Georgia-Mia Fowler in Year 11 was selected to represent her cadet group in London:

We travelled down to Whale Island near Portsmouth and stayed onboard HMS Bristol along with cadets from all across the country. On Friday and Saturday, we prepared for Trafalgar with the marine cadets, sea cadets, air cadets and the national sea cadet band. On the Sunday morning, we had to be up and ready in our best uniform for 6:30am to make our way down to London. When we arrived in London there were hundreds of people gathered there already. The parade was to commemorate 100 years since the battle of Trafalgar. When the parade started, we marched up to Trafalgar Square and said hymns, prayers and thanks to God. Returning from the parade we marched past Buckingham place (it’s a lot bigger and grander than I thought) to Wellington barracks where we finished the parade and took a photograph with the captain of the sea cadets. As we said our goodbyes to the people that we met, a few tears were shed. This was one of the best cadet experiences I’ve had and I won’t forget it or the people that I spent the time with.

At Kingsway, we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of WW1 on Friday 9th November, by holding our own special moment of reflection. On Friday 9th November we are inviting all our students who participate in uniformed services eg. Cadets (Army, RAF, Navy, Marine), Scouts, Guides, St. John’s Ambulance, Police etc. to come to school in their service uniform, as a mark of respect. We will also be holding a whole school two-minute silence.

We have also been invited to to join the Churches and other Organisations in Cheadle for the Remembrance Day Parade and Service at the Cenotaph on Cheadle Green on Remembrance Sunday. Our students have been asked to parade holding aloft the names of the 101 fallen soldiers from Cheadle. This is a fantastic honour and a very special privilege on the centenary of the end of World War 1. If you would like your child to participate in this historic event, please complete the form on the letter that was sent home from Mr Wood.

I would be great to see many of our students and their families at this event.

There was a great opportunity in school last week for our year 8 students to polish their speaking and listening skills in French. Here’s Miss Hunt’s report on the event:

Our Year 8s enjoyed a performance from Onatti Productions this Thursday, a French Theatre company touring the UK. The play was entirely in French, containing lots of vocabulary which has been covered in their French lessons, as well as lots of challenging new words and phrases, which they were able to follow thanks to helpful props and fantastic acting! The play: 'La salle des énigmes' or 'The escape room', was a story about Jérémy and Marie, two French teenagers, attempting to escape a room filled with challenges and hidden clues. There was plenty of audience participation and we saw lots of our Year 8s up on stage helping to solve the escape room puzzles!

Have a great week everyone,

Mrs J. Lowe

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