Headteacher’s Blog – Week 41

Did you watch it?

I’m guessing many of you joined the rest of the nation and enjoyed watching England go through to the semi-finals of the world cup for the first time in 30 years.

I watched the second half through my fingers in the hope that we wouldn’t give away a goal or two. I could only imagine what it was like for the team manager, Gareth Southgate. Whilst the players on the pitch are doing what they have been trained and prepared to do, the manager must stand and watch and has very little control during those 90 minutes.

I know only too well that feeling at this time of year. We have done all we can for our year 11 students and can only stand by and wait for the GCSE results in August. It’s a nerve wracking time for the students, the staff and myself. We want so much for each student to have achieved their goals and gain the results that will springboard them to the next stage of their life. We also want success for our whole school community - it’s uplifting and an injection of positivity that gives us the desire to keep working hard for the next generation.

Maybe 2018 will be remembered for the hottest summer, England winning the world cup and Kingsway exceeding their best ever results! Here’s hoping… like the England football team, we’re certainly on our way!

Kingsway, however, is not an exam factory. We are a vibrant, colourful school with heart and soul. Here’s just some of the shining examples of our Kingsway spirit over the last week:

Last week was Induction week for our new Year 7 students and their parents. It was an absolute pleasure to have met them all. We always make sure the Year 6 students enjoy their induction day and leave feeling excited and confident about joining us in September. I am sure the class of 2023 will be great Kingsway students - they have certainly made a fantastic first impression.

On Wednesday afternoon, The Kingsway School went out in force to support their Houses in our Sports Day. It was another gorgeous afternoon and we enjoyed watching all the competitors race against one another to gain points towards the Kingsway Sports Cup as the spectators cheered on. We made sure there were plenty of places for students to sit in the shade and kept students hydrated throughout the afternoon. It was a wonderful afternoon. Mr Hulme Head of PE was very impressed: “In the searing conditions, our students truly rose to the occasion and produced some fantastic displays of athletic performance, sportsmanship and bravery”. The winner of the Kingsway Sports Cup will be announced at our end of year assembly, along with the winning house for the staff relay.

Later on Wednesday, Mrs Wilde and myself went out for dinner with our NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) and their subject mentors to celebrate them completing their first year as a teacher. The first year is hard work and can be challenging, but our NQTs have all passed with flying colours and should be super proud of how far they have progressed as skilled professionals. Well done to Ms Buckley, Ms Halligan, Ms Heard, Ms Hunt, Ms Sadati and Mr Shaw.

Our amazing resourced students won our hearts last week. On Friday, they represented Stockport at the Greater Manchester School Games at the Etihad stadium. We are so proud of all the resourced students who represented their school brilliantly on a blisteringly hot day.

I also received a special visit from Zayn Khan in 7C, who brought along his Year 7 textiles soft toy project - a cat teddy named Space cat. Well done Zayn.

Another textiles masterpiece was from Year 7 student, Ahnaf Khan. Ahnaf was set with the task of designing a stuffed toy and as a keen dinosaur enthusiast, he knew straight away what he wanted to create. He drew an extremely detailed design, which even included a thagomizer (the spikes found on the tail of a dinosaur). Ahnaf selected the colours he would like to use, cut out his design and began to assemble it using a very neat running stitch. As you can see, the end product is fantastic and Ahnaf is really proud of stuffed stegosaurus toy, named Steggy.

Our Year 8 trip to Paris left in the early hours of Friday morning. I didn’t manage to wave them off at 2am, but I do hope they have a wonderful time exploring this beautiful city. More news on their trip next week.

Finally, our school community send their congratulations to Mr & Mrs Tither who brought Alice Rose in to the world on Wednesday.

As always, it’s been another exciting, wonderful and colourful week at Kingsway. Have a lovely week everyone.

Mrs J. Lowe

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