Year 10 Geography Field Visits

Over the last week Year 10 geographers have been on two new field visits for their GCSE course. All 160 students went to the Edale Valley in the Peak District to study river hydrology with guides from the Peak District Learning team.

Each group had a range of data to collect and through using some strange equipment and techniques. We are pleased to report that the students worked really hard in quite difficult weather conditions to demonstrate their excellent fieldwork skills.

For their human geography day we visited Salford Quays to study the regeneration of the area since the closure of the docks in the 1980's. Students toured the quays with their teachers identifying land use changes and assessing the quality of the environment. Lunch time was very popular with a visit to the food court which allowed cold fingers to warm up!

During both visits the students were a credit to themselves and the school. We would like to thank all the staff who supported us over the five days.

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