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Airbus Visit

On the 18th May, The Kingsway school was Joined by Iain Grant, Head of Sales and Vice President Pacific Airbus and his father Professor Grant, Professor of Medical Bio Chemistry at Manchester University.

Iain, an ex student of The Kingsway School, visited the Kingsway, as our latest Partnership Working Industrial link, to chat to a new generation of Kingsway Students about his journey from Kingsway student to this most senior position within the largest aviation company in the world.

Students learned not only about careers within Airbus but also about the world of aviation and where we will be in aviation in 20 years time.

Students were inspired by his lecture and left feeling far more informed as to where a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths could take them in the future.

We hope to see Iain again at The Kingsway School very soon.

Iain commented after the event:

It was a pleasure for me too and so wonderful to see those young bright faces being interested. I have great admiration for teachers and their dedication, doing such fantastic work for the kids.

Award Winners

Mr. Hammersley, Kingsway STEM coordinator, has just been awarded the prestigious ERA Foundation's annual award as winner of the Clark Prize for STEM.

In notifying The Kingsway School and Mr Hammersley, Chairman, Sir John O’Reilly, and President, Sir Alan Rudge commented:

This Prize is a prestigious award that is designed to recognise an exceptional teacher or other education professional who has gone the extra mile in inspiring young people to consider engineering as a profession and career.

The ERA Foundation’s objectives are to look to bridge the gap between research and commercialising by making targeted investments in start-up companies particularly those associated with electro-technology. We provide charitable donations to promote the importance of UK engineering and to encourage young people into engineering careers. Finally we are also active in communicating the critical role engineering and productive industry play in the nation’s future economic health.

Mr. Hammersley was awarded as the inaugural Clark Prize winner at the ERA Foundation Annual Lunch held on on Wednesday 9th May at the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair, London with a keynote address from Warren East, CEO of Rolls Royce plc.

Attila Emecz, Executive Secretary, ERA Foundation added:

I do hope that the award together with the recognition will be a help to you in taking forward your plans. The award is £2k, split between you and the school. We would ask that the money to the school should be allocated toward further projects to inspire young people into engineering. The £1k award you, is a personal award for you to use as you will.

Mr. Hammersley commented that the award had come as a complete surprise with the nomination having being made by Miss Khan, STEM teacher in consultation with Deputy Headteacher Mr. Knott.

Mr. Hammersley added that it is a tremendous pat on the back to all Kingsway staff involved in STEM and the Industrial Partnerships that we have created and who so tirelessly support our school. All involved have worked so hard to make STEM such a key focus of The Kingsway School's success as our STEM capital continues to grow, with a £1000 opening new possibilities for future projects.

A final comment to our partners
A huge thank you to NG Bailey, ARUP, John Crane, Go4Set/Etrust, MSI, Airbus and all teachers involved.

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