School Council Meeting

On Tuesday 6th March 40 members of the Student Leadership Team/Council attended the first School Council Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to give the student body the forum to question key staff on whole school policies, practices and opportunities. Prior to the meeting Year Council Representatives had asked students for questions that they wanted to raise and that were important to them.

On the panel answering the questions were:

  • Mrs. Lowe (Headteacher)
  • Mrs. Wardle (Deputy Head)
  • Ms. Dobson (Behaviour Manager)
  • Mrs. Kershaw (Catering Manager)

The panel were asked a series of over 20 questions covering a range of issues. It was a fantastic event - the students were brilliant as they really put staff 'on the spot' and debated and challenged at every opportunity.

Mrs. Lowe concluded the meeting by thanking the students for their commitment to ensuring that the school was the very best that it could be - and although it had been quite 'scary' it was thoroughly enjoyable!

There will be two further School Council Meetings this academic year. If anyone would like to see the minutes from the meeting please email

School Council Meeting - March 2018

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