The Sensory Garden Story

The Sensory Garden has continued to thrive and expand. We have cropped potatoes and enjoyed eating them, grown sweet peas that provided bowls of scented flowers, used the culinary herbs in catering lessons and relaxed in the space the garden has provided.

This year the 2metre Birch tree we planted has reached 4metres and given maturity to the garden.

Year 11 students graduated with their Duke of Edinburgh Awards having fulfilled the skill section by learning gardening techniques. The garden has helped two year 11 groups now so proving the resourcefulness this space offers.

We have expanded our efforts to include a border along the boundary fence and planted a cherry tree to commemorate this year’s year 11s. The border includes wild plants that will hopefully help our bee and butterfly populations.

The garden is now open at break and lunch times and many of our students are enjoying the additional green space that this provides. In our spell of hot weather the garden has become an oasis and students are rewarded with AQA certificates for watering our thirsty plants.

This tiny garden  has become a huge asset to our department and has enormous scope for continued development.

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