Year 10 Mock Interviews

All Year 10 students were scheduled a Mock Interview on 21st and 22nd March. External Business Professionals were invited in to interview our students as a learning exercise. This was, in most cases, the first interview our students have undertaken and probably be the last one before college and apprenticeship interviews.

The objective of mock interviews is to ensure that students have the confidence to participate effectively in the interview process; they should come away knowing what they do well and which areas they need to improve upon.

In order to prepare them for this event, Mr John Swinnerton from Our Futures came in for an assembly with students in January. He explained the application form, which students needed to complete and the importance of following instructions and completing the forms comprehensively and neatly. The content of the application form sets up the basis of a successful interview, so the more information students provided, the better.

Despite their initial nerves, Year 10 students did exceptionally well in their interviews and got feedback as to what they could have done better in the future. Our external business professionals were very impressed with the calibre of our students and applauded them for their confidence, focus and determination in order to achieve what they are hoping for in the future.

We are always very grateful to our volunteers who give their time freely in order to assist our students in their ongoing careers education.

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