Local Governing Body

The Governors are volunteers who make a positive contribution to the school by giving their time, expertise and experience to help to shape the leadership and quality of learning across The Kingsway School. The Governors work in partnership with all staff to raise the educational achievement and attainment of all our pupils.

Chair of Governors
Mr C. O’Shaughnessy

Vice-chair / Chair of Curriculum Commitee
Mrs C. Booth

Chair of Finance Committee
Ms K. Sandler

Mrs J. Lowe

  • Ms S. Hatfield
  • Mrs A. Thompson
  • Mr G. Keown
  • Mr P. Lawton
  • Mr A. Sheikh (Associate)
  • Mr S. Tomalin (Associate)

Abney Trust Members
The members are the subscribers to the trust’s memorandum of association. They have an overview of the governance arrangements of the trust and have the power to appoint trustees and remove these trustees.

  • Mr C. O'Shaughnessy
  • Ms S. Hatfield

Trustees are responsible under the academy trust’s articles of association for controlling its management and administration. They have responsibility for directing its affairs, and for ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the trust’s charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public.

  • Mrs J. Lowe
  • Mrs A. Thompson
  • Mrs C. Booth
  • Mr G. Keown

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