Headteacher’s Blog – Week 20

One key function of a Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team is to drive forward the school’s improvement. This is underpinned by our school’s improvement plan: a set of actions that the school commit to undertaking over the academic year to bring about the continued development of the school.

We are focussing our energies on 3 key actions this year:

1. Supporting students to achieve ambitious targets and to overcome disadvantage.

These ambitious targets are set for students’ Achievement, Attendance, Attitude and Aspiration … the 4 As.
We define Achievement as both attainment (what they achieve at the end of the year) and progress (how far they have come from their starting point in year 7). These are measured by Attainment 8 and Progress 8.

  • Attainment 8: Schools get a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications, which include: English, Maths, 3 English Baccalaureate qualifications (including Sciences, Computer Science, History, Geography and Languages), and 3 other additional approved qualifications.
  • Progress 8: This score shows how much progress pupils at this school made between the end of key stage 2 and the end of key stage 4, compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2. This is based on results in the same 8 qualifications as Attainment 8.

If you are a parent of year 9 or above, you may be familiar with this terminology as achieving Attainment 8 relies on students choosing the right set of subjects in their options.

Many of our current Year 11 cohort are showing promising signs that they will do exceptionally well in both Attainment 8 and Progress 8 in the summer. This is a reflection of their hard work across all their subjects. If you are worried that your Year 11 child is not studying hard enough for their GCSEs, please get in touch with Mrs Clarke (k.clarke@kingsway.stockport.sch.uk) who will be able to advise you on how your child can revise, and ultimately succeed.

2. Secure excellent teaching embedded on core principles for classroom practice.

At The Kingsway School our mantra for teaching and learning is Engagement, Challenge and Progress. We have excellent teachers who use their subject knowledge and skills to get the most out of students’ learning every lesson. However, we recognise that this needs to be more consistent across the school in all subjects at all levels.

As part of our commitment to enabling our students to reach their potential and keeping our staff abreast of new developments in Teaching and Learning, on Monday 12th February 2018 we have an exciting training event for our staff.

Ross McGill, the ‘most followed educator on Twitter in the UK’ and founder of one of the most popular education websites in the U.K, is visiting the school to deliver high-impact classroom strategies which teachers can use in their classrooms. We are very excited to welcome Ross to our school and look forward to him sharing his expertise with us. Ross is an award-winning blogger, author and teacher with over 20 years teaching and school leadership experience in some of the most challenging schools in London. In December 2015, he was nominated for The Sunday Times ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain 2015‘ and remains the only classroom teacher to have featured to this day.

3. Develop students’ exemplary behaviour in school and in wider society.

This year we have introduced new software to record, monitor and report on students’ behaviour in and around school. This software allows staff to easily issue rewards and sanctions and provides the school with the data to target our actions.
In a recent report to the senior leadership team and governors, Ms Dobson shared the improvements seen in behaviour around the school.

However, we know that there are some key areas for us to work on, including:

  • Students arriving late to lesson and/or without their equipment or homework
  • Incidents of low level disruption to learning in some classes
  • A focus on poor behaviour choices by some boys in years 8 and 9

Whilst many visitors to school comment on the exceptional behaviour of our students, we will continue to strive to reach our own high expectations of standards of student conduct and attitudes to learning. We are proud of our students and hope that they feel proud to be members of our school.

House merit total winners
Some students were are particularly proud of are the merit total winners. In January, these super students were:

  • Pankhurst: Fin Hanks (7C)
  • Whitworth: Emily Foster (7H)
  • Rylands: Dani Hampshire (8K)
  • Lowry: Rocio McGilllivray (8H)
  • Gaskell: Lola Hawson (7N)
  • Turing: Izzy Chalmers-Morris (7G) and Emma Payton (8A)

Stars of the week
Well done too to the following students nominated for star of the week:

  • Lola Howson 7N nominated by Miss Owen for always working so hard in Maths and being determined to make progress
  • Georgie Kavanagh 8W won The Young Carers Competition with her entry 'If I was an MP for the Day'
  • Emma Redford and Sienna Stewart nominated by Mrs Knowles for amazing food homework booklets
  • Laura Wood nominated by Mrs Burgess for completing her travel training and now travelling independently to school on a bus
  • Nazneen Aslam, Codie Hollingshead, Joe Lloyd and Akira Edgson nominated by Mrs Maxey for supporting the school as the student panel who helped to gain the school the LPPA Award

Last week Kingsway commemorated the centenary of the 1918 Representation Of The People Act, which gave women over 30 the vote with our Kingsway Wonder Women 2018 vote. Students provided nominations which will then go forward to provide the 15 women in the running for our full school vote in April. Watch this space for the prestigious award of winner of Kingsway Wonder Woman 2018! I’m sure all our Pankhurst students will have been particularly proud, being members of a house which is part of our local History with the Pankhurst family living nearby in Manchester.

Finally, thank you to all our parents, friends and staff who will be supporting the fantastic talents of the cast of Grease this week. If you haven’t yet done so, please get your tickets here.

After all, as parents and members of our school community ….You’re the one that I want!

Have a great week.

Mrs J. Lowe

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