Headteacher’s Blog – Week 19


Kingsway has always had an ethos of encouraging students to talk to a member of staff if they are feeling unhappy or are concerned about another student. We have eleven incredible Pastoral Heads of Year who are available for students throughout the day. In addition the school buys in the services of 3 professional counsellors for those students who need a higher level of support.

Stockport NHS also has a HYMs (Healthy Young Minds) team based at The Tree House at Stepping Hill Hospital, for students who have been referred by their GP or school. Sadly both HYMs services and our in-school counsellors have waiting lists; one in ten young people will experience a mental health issue this year alone.

Wednesday 1st February 2018 was National Time To Talk Day. Time To Talk day encouraged us all to talk about mental health, wherever and whoever we are.

Being a teenager can be tough; there are body changes, pressures of exams and friendship issues to deal with. But one of the most significant contributions to mental health issues amongst young people is social media. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, Xbox Live or something else, staff in school often deal with online issues that usually take place outside of school, but the consequences of which come back in to school. Monitoring and regulating a teenager’s use of their phone or computer is a challenge for many parents. However, knowing that your child is safe online is a huge relief.

Take time this week to talk to your children about how they are feeling about school, friendships and social media. If you have any concerns, please encourage your child to talk to a member of staff in school or alternatively contact the school directly.

I had the pleasure of talking to two fabulous students this week, who were nominated for stars of the week and joined me for breakfast:

  • Megan Clarke in Year 8 was nominated by Mrs Knowles for completing fabulous Food homework and making a delicious lemon drizzle cake.
  • Tom Shepard in Year 10 was nominated by Mrs Mackay for his outstanding revision homework - a mini book full of quality work for each unit of study.
Megan and Tom with Mrs Lowe

Finally, we have sent a message out to our students this week regarding cycling safely to and from school. We are aware that there groups of boys who are cycling 2, 3 or 4 abreast and putting themselves in danger. Thank you to those parents and residents who have informed us. If your son cycles to school, please can you reiterate the message about doing so safely.  I am worried that there is an accident just waiting to happen. On a similar note, please can I ask parents who drive to school to collect their children, to park with care. Ideally parents should park a distance away from the front of school as this is also causing potential hazards for our students.

Many thanks and have a ‘chatty’ week.

Mrs J. Lowe

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