Key Stage 3

We offer differentiated pathways for our KS3 pupils at Kingsway to ensure that all students are able to build on the successes that they achieved at primary school.

Pupils are organised into sets and both schemes of work and text choices are adapted accordingly to ensure an appropriate level of challenge and support for every student. Rigorous tracking of progress after each half termly assessment means that pupils are given the best possible preparation for the challenges of GCSE with booster packs and clinics offered to students who need an extra helping hand. Homework is set weekly and is often project based, encouraging students to both consolidate their learning and develop their independence and creativity.

Students enjoy seven periods of English per fortnight, which includes a library lesson in Year 7 and 8 in addition to Let’s Think In English Lessons to develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Year 7

  • Kingsway Grammar Detectives
  • Reading Detectives (Novel)
  • Odyssey: Writing to Describe
  • The Tempest
  • Pre and Post 1900 Poetry
  • The History of Language: Writing to Argue

Year 8

  • Novel: Analysis of Characterisation
  • Novel: Creating Characterisation
  • Wilfred Owen Poetry
  • Propaganda: Writing to Argue
  • Unseen Fiction Analysis
  • Imaginative Writing and Literacy Skill

Year 9

  • Novel: Exploring technique to develop creative writing
  • Novel: Analysis of Context and Writer’s Viewpoint
  • Romantic Poetry
  • The Project: Writing from a Viewpoint
  • Macbeth
  • Journeys: Analysis on unseen texts and literacy skills

Extra curricular
The English department offer students a wealth of opportunities to enjoy English beyond the classroom including:

  • Shadowing the Stockport Book Awards and contributing to the Readathon charity
  • Inklings (our creative writing workshop) and poetry competitions
  • Our annual ‘Public Speaking Event’ for Y9 students and ‘English and Drama Day’
  • Spelling Bee
  • Youth Speaks Rotary Competition

We are particularly proud of the consistently high levels of progress in English achieved by students at Kingsway. During the Ofsted inspection in May 2013, it was noted: “In English, the proportion of students making better than expected progress is consistently high in comparison with the national picture”.

Students enjoy eight lessons of English a fortnight at Key Stage Four. All students will be entered for two GCSEs at the end of Year 11: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

The specification used with both pathways is AQA. Both exams are assessed by 100% terminal examination and exams are closed-book.

In 2014, 75% of student achieved A*-C in English Language and 91% achieved A*-C grades in English Literature, with 28% of these being high A* grades.

English Language
The analytical skills developed through the study of non-fiction texts enable students to become discerning members of society who can explore writer’s concerns and attitudes, recognise bias and learn to treat what they read with healthy scepticism. Students are taught how to recognise linguistic and structural features and learn how to become skilled writers who can use language to meet the needs of a range of audiences and purposes. Students will learn how to write from a viewpoint and descriptively, and will learn how to respond to different texts and purposes using language analysis. Students will study a range of fiction and non- fiction texts across time.

English Literature
The study of Literature widens students’ views of the world and the human condition. It is one of the aspects of school which leaves a strong, positive impression on students who can often recall with fondness the impact of a novel they studied, long after they have left Kingsway. Students at Kingsway will study a range of texts such as A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, DNA and Romeo and Juliet together with a collection of poems and a range of literary non-fiction texts. Students will learn how to analyse and evaluate a range of texts both in isolation and in comparison with others.

Both English Language and Literature are assessed by 100% terminal examination across two papers for each course.

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