Key Stage 3

Course Description
During Key Stage 3, emphasis is given to observational drawing from primary as well as secondary sources and exploration of both two and three-dimensional techniques and processes are encouraged. Year 7 students undertake one project under the theme of Flora and Fauna. Year 8 students undertake two projects focusing upon the Environment and Still-Life. Year 9 focus upon one extended project during the academic year, under the heading of the Human Figure. Each project is designed to provide opportunities to explore the work of other artists or artefacts from different contexts and disciplines from past to present. The development of their own ideas and designs in response to a theme is encouraged. Students are expected to organise their work in a sketchbook or present it on worksheets in Year 9.

Literacy is promoted through student discussion, annotation and both self and peer evaluation. Referencing and recording key descriptive words is encouraged where appropriate.

Building on prior knowledge and skills, students will undertake a varied programme of Art & Design activities which may include:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Collage
  • Papier maché
  • 3D construction
  • Ceramics
  • Printmaking
  • Appliqué

Classwork is supported by homework tasks designed to:

  • Practise core skills
  • Promote literacy
  • Encourage development of ideas
  • Extend knowledge and understanding of artists work through research and related activities
  • Improve organisational and presentation skills

Homework is generally set once a fortnight. Students receive a printed sheet outlining each homework task. Teacher support is provided to ensure understanding of requirements with visual examples referenced where necessary. Homework production is monitored and students are set targets for improvement where appropriate. It is an expectation that homework standards are commensurate with classwork. Marking of homework includes a positive written comment and a target for improvement.

Classwork and homework are formally assessed as a whole and a Level awarded each term.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art, Craft and Design course aims to promote learning across a variety of experiences and through various processes, tools, techniques, materials and resources to generate different kinds of evidence of working and outcomes. The course is broad and encourages the exploration of practical and critical/contextual study through a range of 2D and 3D techniques and processes.

Students should produce practical and contextual work associated with two or more disciplines. These include Fine art, Textiles design, Graphic communication, Three-dimensional Design Photography.

During the course, Students are encouraged to develop greater awareness and appreciation of Art and Design history and contemporary practice and are offered an experience of either a Gallery Visit or an Artist Workshop.

It should be recognised that Art and Design complements other areas of the curriculum and offers an extensive range of opportunities post GCSE.

This subject area requires from its students a determined, mature and committed approach to learning and encourages increased confidence, independence, creativity and individuality.

Students are required to organise a portfolio of thoughtfully presented coursework which demonstrates the breadth and depth of the course of study. This contributes towards the final grade and should include evidence of research, the development of ideas and meaningful links with critical/contextual sources.

The Art Department team encourages students to adopt an individual creative language with which to express these ideas through the form of written annotation.

Coursework - 60% weighting

} 1-9 grades

Examination - 40% weighting

Preparatory period + 10 hour controlled test.

Homework is issued 10 times per project/theme In addition, students are expected to undertake further independent research to support their ideas.

Selected work produced during the two year course is displayed at the annual Art and Design Exhibition.

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